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Ants Beetles Hoppers, Stonefly,
Colorado, Montana,
Olive, Purple, Red
08, 10, 12, 14

Jack Dennis, his shop personnel and affiliated guides, had been on the leading edge of the foam dry revolution since the advent of the Chernobyl Ant.

More and more foam dries started racking up big scores in the famous One Fly contest. But it wasn’t until his long-time friend - and soon to become Vice President - Dick Cheney asked for a new and special fly for the One Fly that Jack sat at the vise and began tying and tinkering.

The result was the Amy’s Ant which eventually, in the afore-mentioned contest, won the individual fly honor and was the lead fly for the winning team.

The winning color, the Olive, was called the Fall Stone in 1999. The Red version came soon after at the request of shop guides and has become the biggest-selling color.

-         The fly was designed to be bomb proof. One fly can endure repeated hook-ups without suffering destruction.
-         Lands wing-up/hook-down every time.
-         The final key feature was the under-wing spray of “rainbow thread”, now available as Glimmer Thread or Midge Flash.

This durable creation has caught many more trout since the One Fly and has become a favorite of countless fishermen, as chewed “ants” have been carried from the lips of Snake River cutts to home waters coast to coast.

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