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Price: $12.85

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Black Nickel
06, 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

The 2X-long curved shank of the UC608BL-BN gives tyers a unique option for stonefly, caddis, shrimp, emergers, and many other styles of flies.  The straight-eyed design ensures you won’t get in your own way of the hook point when tying a new creation, while the barbless point allows for easy hooking and releasing of fish. This hook is part of our UC competition hook collection designed to give anglers and tyers an unbeatable value on a carefully crafted selection of shapes that hook and hold fish in stealthy black nickel barbless models. Sold in packs of 50.

-        Nymphs, Emergers & Dry Flies

-        1X Heavy

-        2X Long

-        Curved

-        Straight Eye

-        Barbless

-        Black Nickel

-        #06-#18

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