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Skeena Valley,
Black, Black/orange, Purple/pink

"My first go at tying and fishing a tube fly was a train wreck.

To start the adventure, I bought some metallic tubing at the local hobby shop. Preparing for a trip to the Skagit River I tied a couple dozen Marabous in my favorite color combination.

The flies were a complete failure. The sharp edges of the metal tubes cut the 12 pound test tippet with ease and I had overdressed the flies to the point they would not sink.

I did not give up on my quest to develop a workable tube fly. Twenty some odd years later, with numerous tweaks and adjustments, I found what I was looking for.

A tube fly with a good sink rate, durability and lots of movement. I kept the My Tail Dragger in reserve for days when conditions were not favorable. The Tail Dragger saved the day many of times.

I began to think, if it works so well in poor conditions, how would it work during prime time? The answer came quickly, and now I do not hesitate to put it to work.

From the Columbia tributaries to Skeena country, the Tail Dragger can be fished with confidence."

- Signature Tyer Marty Howard

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