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Skeena Valley,
Black/blue, Black/green, Orange/black, Purple/claret

"Steelhead flies tied with a hair wing have long been the standard. My introduction to steelheading came while tying flies.

Tying trout flies had become a chore, more of a necessity. I had to force myself to sit down at the vise. A photo of a steelhead fly with the recipe sparked a desire to tie steelhead flies.

Tying the oversized colorful flies became the perfect distraction. Long story short, tying steelhead flies dressed with a hair wing launched a lifelong pursuit of one of the greatest fish on the planet.

Inspired by the classic hair wing steelhead flies, my Summer Irons are the result of years of alterations. The Er Fly is my go-to summer fly. I fish it from sunrise to sunset.

On dark mornings and late into the evening, the Flat Lander or the Bulkley Blue may get the call. Lacking confidence on bright sunny days, I will switch to the Black Bear Bright. Fishing a steelhead fly with confidence is the most important aspect of steelheading. Having these four summer irons in my fly box, I can step into any steelhead river with full confidence."

- Signature Tyer Marty Howard

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