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"The Stunted Sally was created after fishing with some friends one day. The fish were taking all sorts of sally patterns that we threw at them, although they were fishing well, the flies I was using didn’t offer the durability I was looking for.

I started messing around with a bunch of different body styles, and I found that the micro tubing with a wire threaded through the middle offered the body durability and the easily reproducible look I was looking for.

I took inspiration from the Euro style flies and decided to add a hot pink dubbing section in the thorax. The hot pink gave the fish a new look, and I found that it seemed fish were moving farther to eat this fly.

It also does exceptionally well in faster moving water. The hot pink thorax and profile of the fly allows the fish to locate it quickly in the fast moving water.

It can also be used as a dropper under your favorite big dry. This fly quickly became a staple in my box and is one of the best fish catching “attractor” patterns I have ever used."

- Signature Tyer Walter Newman

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