Feb 13th 2021

Fly Box Love

Whether you have been tying flies all winter and need a place to put them all or you are just starting to prep your kit to get out for the first time - organizing your boxes is step one.

As a fly company we understand fly storage, and that certain types of flies and anglers both, have very specific needs. This is why we offer over 40 unique styles of fly boxes so that you can build your prefect box.


Slim, single-sided boxes with magnetic closures make these the perfect boxes for those who like low profile organization. There’s a box for each location, hatch or time or year. High options feature more headroom for bigger flies and greater versatility.

Available in both Foam and TPE with a variety of configurations in both single and double sided options.
LT Foam boxes are light, easy to fill and have a deep gutter to accommodate dry fly hackles.
The Mini Midge offers superior organization of small flies and makes a perfect pocket sized lifecycle box.


Bomb-proof and water-proof, these Heavy Duty UPG boxes have the highest level of durability and functionality in fly box storage. See-through lids allow maximum visibility of contents. Swing-leafs are magnetized to assure swing-leaf remains in proper place when opening/closing.

Available in both Foam and TPE with a variety of configurations for your fly needs.
This UPG HD Daytripper waterproof fly box is set up as a summer Hopper, Copper, Dropper box.
Watch the video to see our full line of Foam LT and HD boxes for both fresh and saltwater flies.


For anglers who need to house big files, hatch lifecycles, or all of their creations to take on the water we have what you need. Built around boat bags we have a variety of sizes to house all those confidence flies.
Boat Boxes are perfect for organizing rows of big flies that you never want to be without.
The Payload is the carry all box for boat anglers and wade anglers alike.


Configurable fly storage boxes that come in 14 different sizes and a variety of colors. For those seeking the most protection, we offer a waterproof version in both a Medium and Large.
Bug Locker 3412 set up for housing Mammels for oversized trout.
The waterproof bug locker is at home in any environment.