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Dragon and Damsel,
Trout, Stillwater,
Dirty Olive

This fly came about when I decided to combine what I thought were the best features of three other proven patterns to create my own. The tail of Jay Fair's wiggle tail nymph, The Dubbed seal sub body of Denny Rickards's Still water nymph, and the eyes and head of Skip Morris's Fluffy damsel. Mixing two colors of marabou was an experiment that worked for whatever reason. I fish this fly manly on an intermediate or clear tip line. An erratic hand twist retrieve, or slow trolled with rhythmic twitches seems to work best. During the actual Damsel hatch, the small ones on a floater are deadly, but at all other times the larger ones fished deeper seem to work better. Because of it's swimming, wiggling motion, fish take this fly at all times. Mistaking it for a leech or a small minnow I think even when there are no damsels present. This fly consistently produces fish in all still waters. Words and Fly by Scott Robertson

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