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"Ever since I started fishing articulated streamers, I was hooked. I love seeing those things darting back and forth and the predatory response they invoke.

As a fly tyer I love seeing how certain effects of a fly can be engineered into a fly by the materials chosen or a design feature.

My journey started with the Rumpshaker as I was preparing for a trip to Labrador, CA. Single hook flies are the rules there, but I wanted a fly that still had the swimming features of an articulated fly. I had also begun working on streamers that would be 3” in length rather than 5”-6”.

The idea came to me one night to attach two shanks to the tail which would give me the action I was looking for and the silhouette I was wanting as well.  It took me many months of trying different materials to find the ones that made it easy to tie, no more material than necessary and kept the trimming with scissors to a minimum. By finding the right materials, it took my tying time from 40 minutes to 20 minutes.

The Rumpshaker has a minimum amount of weight so it can be fished near the surface or shallow water with a floating line.  I would also use a sink tip to get the fly down in faster or deeper water.  This gives an angler the flexibility to fish many different types of water."


- Signature Tyer Roger Catlett

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