Flies tied by A.K. BEST

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A. K. Best is an internationally known professional fly tier, and is a frequent guest speaker at seminars and shows throughout the United States and abroad. He writes about fly fishing and fly tying for Fly Rod and Reel, Fly Fisherman, and Fly Tyer, and lectures and teaches across the United States from his home in Boulder, Colorado.

He is a teacher by profession and his easygoing nature and smooth delivery make him a pleasure to listen to as he shares time-earned lessons in fly tying. A. K. is a student and an observer of nature, and is extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy of the insects his patterns imitate. He is also a professional musician and music educator.

A. K. doesn't always go "by the book" He admits there are age-old methods and materials that just don’t work well today. For example: "I devised the Tri-Color Nymph and Sub-Emerger patterns because it became apparent to me that the trout see sub-surface flies at their eye level and we were tying one-color nymphs. I noticed there were three different shades of colors of the body, so I set out to fashion the Tri-Color Nymph and Sub-Emerger patterns to more anatomically resemble the natural."

While A. K. doesn't always go "by the book", he is the author of three highly successful publications: A. K's Fly Box; Production Fly Tying, Advanced Fly Tying, Fly Fishing with A. K., and Dyeing and Bleaching.