Flies tied by MORGAN THALKEN

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Morgan grew up along the American River in Sacramento, CA. Adventures on the river at a very young age fueled a passion for the creatures that inhabit its water. A quick progression led Morgan to begin tying flies even before owning his first fly rod. it wasn't long that he weaseled his way into tying custom flies for the local fly shop and eventually becoming a guide, instructor, and a main fixture there. Moving to Chico, CA. to attend college offered up many fishing opportunities. Guiding many of these rivers helped him gain extensive knowledge of trout, and the bugs they thrive on. Not to mention a little extra pocket money for beer.

Nowadays, Morgan has a career as an land surveyor, but still puts some time in on the weekends at his local fly shop. Working retail, and teaching beginners the nuances of fly fishing, and fly tying helps keep him close to his roots.

With the numerous anadromous fisheries close to home in Northern California, Morgan enjoys tying steelhead flies more than anything. " With steelhead flies almost anything goes, there's no limit to the creativity, or inspiration. You don't have to conform to the specific dimensions of any insect. As long as you can cast it, and it swims right, it will catch a fish on any given day."