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Drake, Stonefly,
Hare's Ear, Olive, Purple
12, 14, 16, 18

"Riding on the coattails of the incredibly effective Two Bit Series, allow me to introduce you to Craven’s Problem Child.

The PC takes the double tungsten bead game to the next level in a flashy, ragged attractor nymph designed to get down and stay down.

Color matched biot horns and tails bookend a soft hackle collar, soft dubbed body and mirage flash rib on a heavily curved Klink-style hook to create a generically buggy silhouette that can imitate caddis larvae and pupae as well as smaller stoneflies.

Alternating bead colors add another dimension to the pattern while weighing it down and adding a peekaboo hot spot.

The Problem Child is a complicated tie utilizing a durable, compound dubbing loop to create a bi-color soft hackle collar that is sized perfectly every time. Offered in Purple, Olive and Hare’s Ear colors, the Problem Child will only be a problem if you pass it up. Don’t be that guy."

- Signature Tyer Charlie Craven

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