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Golden Brown
12, 14, 16, 18

With all due respect to John Barr and his brilliant creation of the Copper John (which at the time of this writing remains the best-selling nymph of all time) there were things about the pattern that bothered me. My main hang-ups were that it had a mayfly or micro-stone profile but was tied in outlandish colors more reminiscent of caddis and midges. Thus, like many fly tiers, I took what I liked (in this case a wire body) and made something “new” that was more closely matched a mayflies profile and coloration. This is my hybrid between an Anato-May, and a Copper John. It is very durable with a strong simple mayfly/micro stone profile and strong countershading. It sinks really fast.

Best Sellers: Golden Brown #14-18

Fishing Notes:  Just fish it.


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