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"Like all my patterns, the Peyote Palolo was designed with more than just looks in mind.

The most important element to all flies is the hook. I prefer a short shank heavy wire hook for tarpon for several reasons. First, the hook has to be hardy enough to hold up to the abuse that these heavyweights can dole out, but also, the short shank reduces the leverage the fish has for shaking the hook free during battle.

Stealing a page from my Tuscan Bunny pattern, I ran some red 2mm foam through the pasta cutter and solved the buoyancy problem with a spongy three-inch strip.

The loop also provides a sturdy base so the foam does not roll on the hook.

To beef up the worm's body and bestow the fly with a subtle iridescence, I covered the foam and shank of the hook with olive diamond braid.

To subdue the shine from the diamond braid and produce a hansom “V” wake when stripped, I wound a few turns of EP Foxy brush over the top and trimmed it to shape.

The tightly trimmed fibers also give the appearance of cilia and produce a very realistic look."

- Signature Tyer Drew Chicone

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