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Pat’s Breadcrust is a variation of the original pattern developed decades ago by Rudy Sentiwany in the Pocono Mountains. Ed Rolka, a fellow Pennslyvanian, is credited with popularizing the Breadcrust in the west, when he moved to Colorado in 1970. Since then, the ongoing problem has been finding the red phase ruffed grouse tails, which is the key component for tying the abdomen. Toss in the difficulty and time required to prepare the quill; most anglers shy away from the original pattern.

 Pat’s Breadcrust solves the issue of having to find red phase grouse tails and omits the tedious preparation of the quill. Pat’s Breadcrust is a variation of the original pattern but the body is tied from D-Rib (instead of a stripped grouse quill) and a trimmed ginger rooster hackle. The D-Rib looks like a grouse quill, and the trimmed hackle fibers closely resemble the tattered barbules of the stripped quill. Like the original pattern, the fly is completed with a collar tied from grizzly hen hackle to simulate legs and breathe life.


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