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"The Outrigger series was the result of frustration with high floating caddis dries and dries that were too delicate for more than a few fish. I wanted a dry fly that was plenty buoyant, but sat low in the water like the naturals and was still visible for clients. I also wanted it durable enough to withstand more than a few fish, but still have that great segmentation that quills and biots give. With this in mind I developed the Outrigger Caddis. The originals were great in the glassy water but sunk in the rougher water. For additional floatation I added a foam underbody, a slightly bulkier wing, and thicker hackle up front. For added visibility, I pulled a doubled up piece of white packing foam over the head which also aids in floatation. In order to achieve a realistic profile from the fish's perspective I used Ice Stretch Lace on the abdomen, which gives excellent segmentation, and an under wing that gives an extremely realistic profile of an adult caddis's wings. The result is a realistic fly that sits low in the water, but is still highly visible, and produces fish in both glassy water and in the pockets."

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