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Seychelles, Yucatan,
Brown, Olive, Sand

This designer’s latest crab pattern was created as a realistic fly presented in three color variations that can be fished in any and all flats venues, mud, marl, grass and white sand. Employing cascade crest tools variegated body fur which was a cooperative creation of this fly designer as the main body component, tying a crab is now a quite easy endeavor as compared to the merkin style of material stacking and layering. 

As most dedicated flats fisherpersons are aware, most of the small multi-colored crabs found on the flats have one larger fighting or crushing claw; the second claw used primarily for grasping food, is very small and in many instances is virtually imperceptible. Therefore, the designer has used only one claw on the leading edge of the fly which will flutter and cause the fly to descend into the water column on a 45 degree angle. To note, if the angler so desires, the claw and leg tips can be colored with permanent markers which often is desirable under certain conditions.

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