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Caddis, Stonefly,
Black, Tan, Black/purple Bead, Black/red Bead
10, 12, 14, 08, 06

Tim Wade of North Fork Fly Shop in Wyoming has been tying and guiding with the Black version since '93, and it has become his best local "guide fly" producer. He wanted a moderately quick tie that would ‘get down' and serve as an attractor but also imitate immature stone nymphs. He created an amalgam of a little of this (Stonefly nymph) and a little of that (Prince nymph). In lieu of copper wire he chose red for visual stimulus, large stiff biots in Gray (vs. white). Tim claims that the biots cause a fly to wobble in the drift and thus imparts extra movement. It has lead wire in addition to the silver bead for extra weight…remember it's a guide fly.

The Tan version was created several years later for golden stones. For some reason it seems to work well — even though bearing no resemblance — for caddis in size 14. But it is as a tan stone rolling along the bottom that this fly shines. Both colors have gained a big REP in Wyoming; it has been written–up in articles in several of the "mags".

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