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Price: $75.50

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Badger Silver, White Splashed, Variant, Rusty Dun, Olive Dyed, Medium Dun, Light Ginger, Light Dun, Light Blue Dun, Grizzly, Ginger, Furnace, Dun, Cream, Chocolate Dun, Brown Natural, Black Natural, Black Dyed, Barred Variant, Barred Ginger, Badger Golden, Cree
Grade 1, Grade 2

Metz saddle hackle offers long, softer hackles that are the perfect choice for larger dry flies, streamers, and Woolly Buggers.  These necks work great from hook sizes 6 to 14.  Saddle hackle is also great when used as tailing on pike, musky, and saltwater flies.

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