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"The Medallion Midge came about because I wanted a more realistic looking midge pupa. Most pupa patterns are generic, impressionistic, or representative of a bulbous pupa containing the wings and legs of the adult. Most tiers imitate this dubbing or other synthetics. The Medallion Midge, on the other hand, is "super realistic", enticing super selective trout. The Medallion Midge is realistic, easy to tie, and is effective everywhere from small meandering meadow streams, small and large tailwaters (bottom release, top release, dams with mixing towers, and hydroelectric), to large untamed freestones and spring creeks. Midges hatch daily on all watersheds, and trout are always on the look-out for suspended pupa. It is my belief, trout eat 10 times the pupa, as compared to larva or adults. The Medallion sheeting adds an "increased luster" to the thorax area resembling the trapped gas in the thorax area. Once again, the South Platte watershed was the initial testing laboratory, but it has caught fish all over the Rocky Mountain west. I typically fish it when a midge hatch is in progress. I typically fish it high in the water column with a two fly nymphing rig and strike indicator." - Pat Dorsey 

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