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Bahamas, Belize, Christmas Island, Flats, Flats, Florida Keys,
Ghost, Olive, Tan, Ghost/pink

"My Mayhem Mole Crab pattern has two monofilament keels weighted heavily with tungsten beads. This helps get the fly down to the sand quickly. The added weight also aids in creating a disturbance in the sand when the fly is stripped.

This puff of sand is crucial when imitating the crab’s defense mechanism of burying itself in the sand.

The females of the species are larger in size, approximately the size of your thumb, and have a bright orange egg sac that is located on the underside of their rounded gray body.

For predators, like birds and fish within eyeshot, this pronounced pop of orange is a dead giveaway to their location.

For this pattern, I used a small tuft of bonefish pink Finnish raccoon to represent the egg sac.

I like to use natural materials like fur whenever possible because they bring not only vivid color as well as some movement to the fly."

- Signature Tyer Drew Chicone

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