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Black/blue, Pink, Purple

Cliff has been fishing Alaska and B.C. for over 10 years. Several years ago, with the river blown–out, he fished with a group using conventional tackle and fishing spoons. The success was illuminating. On a subsequent trip he encountered some Austrians who were clobbering the steelies using, with fly tackle, Turbo Leeches (jigs really). So Cliff started tying jigging flies. With the discovery of the Gamakatsu 60411 jig hook, he developed the Kilowatt. Looking closely at the fly, it is readily apparent that it is a marriage between a Crystal Bugger/Leech and the Karluk Flash Fly, a famous Alaska patter, just lots and lots of flashabou. This is a true no–nonsense, get–down–and–hook–em fly. Yet it is unweighted except for the lead eyes, which serve to ride it hook up and enhance the jigging motion. This fly remains very snag–free on the bottom and is fished effectively with all weight sinking lines. Use a loop knot connection to the fly. This fly is perfect for big–shouldered steelhead, BC brutes especially, and Pacific Salmon.

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