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Gold, Gray, Olive
04, 08

Don’t let the name fool you, the original color combo was designed to imitate a mottled sculpin, but with all three color offerings: Barred Olive, Barred Gold & Barred Gray, you can imitate a wide range of small baitfish including, carp, trout, shad, sculpin, suckers, etc.

Tied zonker style to incorporate as much of the unbeatable swimming action of rabbit as possible; using quality pseudo eyes, which hold up to a ton of abuse without breaking or chipping. The weight is tied very close to the eye of the hook, tipping the fly head first when in the water, giving the fly a great nose diving / jigging action.

The fly incorporates a collar of palmered mallard, giving it an outstanding mottled effect in the water combined with a head that blends seamless with the rest of the fly. The head is 100% rabbit fur, but with the weight of the hide eliminated; the fur is put in a dubbing loop before palmering through the dumbbells.

The combination of the swimming action of the rabbit zonker, mottling of the mallard, rabbit fur head and flash all combine to produce a great baitfish silhouette; that has built in jigging action from the quality eyes.

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KAMIKAZE SCULPIN gallery image
KAMIKAZE SCULPIN gallery image