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Baetis, Pmd
14, 16, 18

"Those who know me understand I have become enamored with using jig hooks on many of my nymph patterns, as I find they often give increased hookups per strike, compared to patterns tied on conventional hooks.

The Jigster series is no exception. With this pattern I wanted to achieve a small, slender nymph (just like the aquatic insects it was imitating), yet one which would sink quickly even in the faster currents I often experience in Western rivers.This was achieved with a simple thread abdomen, and the use of a slotted tungsten bead.

I ribbed the abdomen with pearl Flashabou to create the illusion of life - both in imitating the natural's segmentation, and underwater sheen - then coated this abdomen with a UV product. This covering protects the fragile Flashabou, and gives the nymph a 3-D appearance with a bit of an inner glow.

Because I believe in designing material motion into flies where possible, yet prefer this remains natural and understated in appearance - more of a "suggestion" than exact imitation - I added a few strands of Z-Lon yarn for the tail, and the same out either side of the dubbed abdomen as legs.

The Z-Lon moves enticingly with even the slightest push of currents, and I believe is a significant trigger to encourage trout to commit to the fly. These little bugs are deadly, whether fished beneath an indicator or with a tightline presentation. They belong in every trout angler's box!"

- Signature Tyer Mike Mercer

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