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Green Butt/purple, Orange Butt/black, Pink Butt/purple
06, 08

"I decided to give fly tying a try after watching my husband, Joe, turn a pile of feathers, thread, tinsel and hooks into beautiful works of art. It was now my turn to create such a wonder. I headed to the fly shop and with some coaching from Joe as to suitable colors, I carefully chose my materials.  A few days and several modifications later, the Hocus Pocus was born.   

Created for the elusive summer steelhead of the Deschutes River, this fly pattern is specifically designed to capture the interest of early morning steelhead while using near surface and fast swing presentations during early and mid-summer periods when warmer water conditions persist. The Hocus Pocus is a bright fly with contrasting color combinations. The fluorescent edge bright butt along with light reflecting angel hair wing material capture and emit light well in the dark early morning hours.  

The Hocus Pocus is now our “go to” early morning fly.  Give it a try and I am sure you will agree that it truly does work just as its name suggests . . . . like magic!"


- Signature Tyer Susanne Kinney

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