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What can compare to a late summer evening spent fishing on the smooth flats of western rivers like our Missouri, Henry's Fork, or Yellowstone Rivers? As well as the fabled eastern rivers like the Ausable, Pere Marquette, or Delaware with their tall bank side conifers shadowing the river early, and a heightened sense of anticipation prevailing as the afternoon winds drop. Without warning, fish that have been rising intermittently suddenly develop regular, sustained rhythms. In mere minutes the entire river comes alive as more and more trout join in. A glance at the surface reveals thousands of Pale Morning or Pale Evening Dun Spinners or Henrickson, or Pink Lady Spinners. Trout now rise everywhere, for hours, paying fishermen no mind at all and while you might catch a few fish it is never as many as you think you should. We designed this all important spinner pattern with the proper silhouette and rusty coloration to match the naturals along with a highly visible over–wing, post for anglers to actually (and for most the first time) see their fly pattern and be able to set when a trout takes their spinner imitation. You will catch far more fish using this highly visible pattern which floats well and imitates most species of mayflies in the fly fishing world. Even in the tough, failing light of late day this fly can be seen and it will produce for you like it has for us! Let's face it, most of us as we age are having tough times keeping track of low–profile patterns like spinners and this important pattern allows you to keep track of your fly allowing for far more hook–ups!

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