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Pacific Northwest, Pacific Northwest, Skeena Valley,
Blue/chartreuse, Pink/blue

"When I first came up with the Half Man it was for steelhead here in Northern California. I was Looking into some new materials and some others that I liked but felt they were to uniform straight out of the package to work properly. 

So I started cutting all the materials and adding them into one composite loop and it worked out great. It gave it a little more of an uneven wispy look that when wet, it really performed. Come to find out it only fishes better as the pattern thins with hook ups.

With there being not too many chartreuse patterns out there, especially for Kings, I took a handful of these to guide at Lava Creek Lodge.

Well long story short, everyone wanted them, they were one of the best flies for Kings day in day out until I ran out of them and materials to tie more. The pink and blue variation worked great on Chums and Silvers as well.

So the Half Man was born and is now one of my favorite salmon and steelhead flies in my arsenal."


- Signature Tyer Travis Ortiz

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