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Black, Golden
14, 16, 18, 12

"Living in the Rocky Mountains we have lots of freestone, canyon style streams and rivers that are full of stoneflies.

The Golden Nugget is a great representation of both the Sally and smaller golden stone flies that can be fished year round. We also have a black version that represents the small winter stone that we find out and about on many drainages.

This fly was designed for competitions, specifically the WFFC in Vail, Colorado but fishes equally well under an indicator or as a dropper on bigger dry flies.

Like most of my flies, i pulled inspiration by looking at Russ Miller’s fly box and trying to copy as many things as I can.

This pattern stands on its own as a perdigon style stone fly, getting deep quick and staying at depth no matter how strong the current."

- Signature Tyer Josh Graffam

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