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08, 10

"Fall season is a special time for anglers. Gone are summer crowds as serious anglers swing fall soft hackles to big pre-spawning brown trout and large rainbows that follow the big browns and spend the winter in big western rivers before they spawn in spring.

Big western rivers pack up with big, brightly colored fish that become aggressive to imitations that trigger their instincts to attack a fly pattern. Over the past few seasons Gizmo has taken more big fall run trout than any other pattern, both browns and rainbows. Plus, it looks beautiful in fly boxes, and looks like no other fall soft hackle pattern we know of.

Gizmo is basically defined as “something designed for a specific purpose, to get the job done”.

It gets the job done while looking awesome in fly boxes! And, it is tied on the NEW “X Series Hooks” making Gizmo a “sleeper bet” for steelhead, many have been taken on it too."

- Signature Tyer Craig Mathews

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