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BWO-Baetis, PMD,
Adams, Pink Cahill
14, 16, 18

While known as a great nymph fisherman, Mike Mercer, in his annual pilgrimage to Montana, loved to fish dries on the Madison. His favorite fly was the Parachute Adams. The only problem was floatation on a river that is one long riffle, as dries frequently sink in the "chop". There were also visibility problems with the white post in the afternoon glare. Mike needed a new fly and he looked to foam. These Foam Parachutes are the successfully tested results. …the solution was the use of Larva Lace flat foam cut into very thin strips. This foam is then wound as a thorax. The foam will also take an application of dry fly paste for ex– tended buoyancy. The result is a new wrinkle on an old standard that floats like a cork. …Mike changed the post from calf tail to more buoyant macramé yarn in yellow and orange for better visibility on chop and glare. …the final change was the addition of a flash rib for extra sparkle and attraction.

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