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BWO-Baetis, Drake, PMD,
Bwo, Callibaetis, Green Drake, Hendrickson, Pink, Pmd
16, 18, 20, 14, 12

"One day a friend and I were experimenting with greasing Hare’s Ear Wets and dead drifting them over rising fish. 

The fish ate them well in broken water but not nearly as well in the slow foam lines. That situation calls for a sparse fly with a thin profile.

The Floating Wet Fly was developed for those selective fish feeding in slow water.

Quills are perfect to keep the body thin and the fly needs only a small amount of CDC for floatation. The hen fibers provide just a little movement.  If the fish are really picky you can pull the Floating Wet Fly just under the surface and let it rise up through the water column as an emerger.

It is a great go-to pattern in tough situations."

- Signature Tyer Jeff White

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