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"Inspired by growing up fishing around the Charleston, South Carolina coast... the Flashback Shrimp was derived out of necessity for a lightweight, naturalistic shrimp presentation for spooky, lethargic Redfish during our winter months.

The mono eyes allow for a slow, “shrimp like” fall after a sharp strip to mimic the motion of a shrimp that is attempting to flee… Along with subtle implications, such as a hotspot, two strands of black krystal flash (mimicking antenna), micro legs coaxed downward, and a strand of flat pearl diamond braid over the back to imitate the translucent hue of the outer shell.

Shortly after the Flashback’s first year of development, and countless hours on the water, its true versatility began to show.

From hyper aware tailing Bonefish in the lower keys, Snook and Juvenile Tarpon, to our year round fishery here in Charleston, The Flashback Shrimp quickly became one of mine, and many others must haves."


- Signature Tyer Luke Panzarella

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