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Dark Brown, Olive, Tan, White

"I created the Fish Whacker streamer in frustration with other types of streamers that were available at the time.

I needed a fly that would attract the large trout that I knew were there, but I wasn’t getting them to take very consistently.

This fly needed to have lots of movement and action.  It also needed to be able to be presented with very little action needed by the rod or manipulating the fly line, be big enough to trigger strikes from larger fish, be able to still have plenty of action whether fished fast, slow, bounced, jigged or crawled along the bottom without snagging. 

This fly has turned out to be a fly that triggers strikes from so many other species, to include all trout, bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, pike, walleye, steelhead, salmon, crappie and bluegill. 

I have even caught fish in the salt with tan, sand, black, black and purple and other colors for their specific species."

- Signature Tyer Frank Whispell

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