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Scuds and Shrimp,
Olive, Orange
14, 16

"The UV Scud is a pattern that all tailwater junkies should carry in their arsenal of flies.

Scuds are freshwater crustaceans that provide a high protein food source for trout in both stillwater impoundents and the tailwaters below.

The UV Scud was developed to imitate the Gammarus specimens. Olive scuds (living scuds) are a great attractor year-round as opportunistic trout are always looking for them.

Orange scuds are particularly effective during the spring months because fluctuating flows routinely flush-out dead scuds from the substrate into the drift.

Trout also readily take an orange scud as an egg during the spring season, so they are twice as effective.

Scuds have a shrimp-like appearance with a tail, segmented body, shell back, and antennae, all key characteristics that must be accounted for when designing impostors.

My seine samples prove that scuds have a brilliant UV sheen to them, thus the UV Scud was born.

The UV Scud incorporates Antron into the design for the tail and antennae, Hareline’s UV Dubbing for the body, and a plastic shell back ribbed with mono-filament to create a life-like look, with the final touch, pulling down the legs (dubbing) with a bodkin.

Scuds are powerful swimmers, so legs are an important part of their design."

- Signature Tyer Pat Dorsey


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