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Coffee/black, Golden Stone
04, 06, 08, 10

"Over the years fishing all of Montana’s glorious rivers and looking over the bugs and extraordinary hatches I really enjoyed tying up different patterns that were simple and effective. About four years back there was the mop fly craze which I had only seen photos of and never tried. I was doing a bathroom remodel of my house and I was walking through a local Ace Hardware and waddled past a brown hand cloth that is the exact color of a coffee rubber legs and snatched up two of them which had so much mop I’d be good for life. I went home that night and created the Deep Cleaner.

Simple, effective and has a fuller more voluptuous body, thick. More so than any of the other stone flies I use on a regular basis. The deep cleaner has a 360° full frame and once you get it deep in the box, the bounce and the hover, just so good. A simple playoff of the pats rubber legs, just add mop, and of course a little touch of black sharpie, but you can get as creative as you want with tiger stripes giraffe markings or simple dots. After there’s been a few other boats that float through the box a simple pass with the deep cleaner BRINGS them out. A number one go to anchor fly all year on any river with a population of stone flies. Or just double up and throw 2 tandem and double your chances!"

- Signature Tyer John Bond 

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