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Flats, Flats,

It's a "marriage made in heaven". That is how simply juicy looking is Doug's effort to cobble together one fly that is both Crab and Shrimp, more specifically a mantis shrimp. This is a go getter for its intended quarry of…bonefish, redfish and permit. Doug assures us, if it eats shrimp or crabs, the fish will eat this fly. Crabs garner most of the press for taking permit, but many know firsthand that permit love to eat pugnacious mantis shrimp as well, and will take them on the strip. Increasingly, Yucatan permit have been getting hooked on mantis shrimp patterns. This fly will fish well "in motion" or simply undulating stationary on the bottom. It lands surprisingly softly even with the lead eyes. It can be fished in skinny water or depths to four feet. Cast, like any crab, as close to the prey as possible, allow it to glide toward the bottom. With its thin legs and craft fur it will move even when sitting completely still. Yet…it has proven itself to be equally effective on a slow steady strip retrieve. Two prey forms, crab and shrimp, fished successfully with two different methods…all for multiple species. And those neon green eyes seem to be looking back at you.

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