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Bass, Trout, Carp,
Olive, Rust, Tan

The Cowbell Cray was designed after years of working behind the counter of fly shops and regularly seeing sub par crayfish impersonations. The ones that actually looked like crayfish had so many materials packed on there was no longer enough hook gap for it to be useful. Once those two issues were solved I wanted to make sure the thing had weight(I’m not really sure there’s a point of having a crayfish without weight). How the cone head got on there backwards I couldn’t really tell you. I could tell you that it was strategically nested there because it pushes tons on water with every strip and just wiggles uncontrollably eliciting strikes. But honestly, I had a lot of different versions of this thing going around and that’s just the one all the buddies liked the best.. And it’s articulated because well...because why not, crayfish move don’t they.

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