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Hard work. Dedication. Recognition.

This past weekend, we learned that our Ledges 500 Waist-Pack has been recognized as one of Field & Stream's Best of the Best for 2013. The prestigious award is given to a select few products that Field & Stream sees as the best in the industry in regards to innovation, craftsmanship and quality. The award is a testament to the blood, sweat and brain cells that so many people have poured into this products and the rest of our new packs and bags that we think are just as worthy. For those of you wanting to see it for yourselves, pick up the latest Field & Stream and check out the Best of the Best section beginning on page 60.

While the Ledges 500 is the pack that is recognized as the Best of the Best, we feel that the other five pieces of gear in the family are just as deserving. They are not simple improvements or modifications on what other companies have done in the past. They were conceived, designed and produced from the river bed up with the sole focus of providing anglers with the highest quality, most functional and easy to use packs and bags available on the market. The collaboration between Umpqua, some of the world's top designers and manufacturers, and the many guides and industry pros has been critical in achieving this vision. Our sincere thanks goes to all of those who contributed to this exciting and wonderful achievement.

The timing on this couldn't be better, as the packs and bags are slated to arrive here this week and be shipped to fly shops and retailers soon thereafter. More to come, so stay tuned!