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In continuing our avid pursuit to bring innovative, highly-functional and superior quality products to the fly fishing community, we are introducing several new products to market this year. As with all of our products, we spent a lot of time and brain cells designing these packs and bags in Umpqua fashion—which means that we deliberated on the needs of anglers, selected what products would best fulfill those needs, and then designed the products from the ground up to create unique and innovative solutions.

In addition to the three products that fall in line with our previous packs and bags, we're proudly introducing our new Tongass Line of waterproof packs and bags. They are all highly functional hybrids of waterproof fabric and design, made up of combinations of extremely water-resistant dual band roll-top closures and weatherproof zippers. This combination allows anglers to control the risk of exposure with appropriate ease of access.

The new product line up includes:
The Steamboat Sling Pack (SRP $119.99)
The Tailgater Organizer (SRP $79.99)
The Rock Creek Small Chest Pack (SRP $59.99)
The Tongass 650 Waterproof Waist Pack (SRP $169.99)
The Tongass 1800 Waterproof Backpack (SRP $229.99)
The Tongass 5500 Waterproof Gear Bag (SRP $169.99)
Tongass Waterproof Dry Bags (SRPs 2L $24.99 // 10L $34.99 // 20L $44.99 // 35L $54.99)

All of these products are now up on the web site (umpqua.com/packs-and-bags). Each has its own page which contains detailed product descriptions, specifications and lots of product images.

All of these new products are due to arrive at our headquarters soon, and should be in stores and on web sites shortly thereafter.