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Black, Brown, Red, Red/black Butt

"The three-section Cupboard Ant has always been my favorite configuration of the Cupboard Ant, which was born out of a top-of-mind need to create new fly patterns to imitate carpenter ants in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Marrying the Chubby style wing to the shiny silhouette of the Cupboard Ant was a no brainer, which is why I called this Cupboard Ant variation the Chubby Cubby.

I have fished the Chubby Cubby for many years with great success in lakes and rivers as a stimulator pattern by itself or with a tailing dry fly or small dropper.

It can imitate a wide variety of insects, including stoneflies, grasshoppers, crickets, wasps, and of course carpenter ants."

- Signature Tyer Kevan Davidson

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