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Flats, Flats, Gulf of Mexico,
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"Lexo’s “captain gregg” was a pattern first experimented with in the early 2000’s. Basically a kwan/crab hybrid, this fly has proven its’ worth up and dawn the gulf coast and the southern Atlantic shore.

Captain Gregg Arnold, a personal friend of mine and this pattern’s namesake has been fishing the biloxi marsh for over 20 years and has numerous world record redfish to his credit. When i first started fishing with Captain Gregg, he was using a similar pattern which we both thought could be “tweaked” and improved upon. The basic tan/purple body coloration was a winner from the start and needed no alteration whatsoever. I got to work on the ancillary material components such as the collar, eyes and tail which were enhanced, and, an important addition was the orange estaz egg sac which gave the pattern visual contrast.

 I personally have caught dozens of “bull” redfish on this fly and highly recommend using it when chasing outsize redfish anywhere on the gulf or Atlantic coasts." 

- Signature Tyer Lex Hochner 

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