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BWO-Baetis, Caddis,
Black/chartreuse, Brown/orange
14, 16, 18

"When I sat down to tie this fly for the first time I was looking for a pattern that the fish wouldn't miss…the ultimate attractor nymph that would peek the trout's interest. The fly, therefore, is a combination of all the strike inducing "hot spots" and "triggers" I could dream up - from the fire fluorescent thread butt and collar, to the flashabou rib and tail, to the dual colored prism thorax and bead. Also the Hard as Hull coat on the body makes this fly incredibly durable and a fast sinker - a fly that will catch fish and never fall apart as well as quickly get into the strike zone without fail.

This fly went from an experiment to a permanent fixture in my box about two years ago. It excels in riffles for all types of trout throughout the year. Typically I fish this nymph while French Nymphing alone or with a second nymph in shallow riffles. The fly usually draws a quick, induced take from fish hunting for food. I also like to fish it alone with a dry or dry dropper with a more realistic nymph in water that requires a longer drift.

This fly helped me win a session on Big Fishing Creek during the 2009 National championships. It was responsible for several fish in water that was heavily pressured and off color.

Fish it because it possess all the qualities that contemporary nymph fisherman demand: durability, triggers and hot spots, weight, and a quality barbless hook with a tungsten bead. Also this fly is a secret weapon from the box of a respected and consistently successful competitive angler." – Brett Bishop

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