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Chartreuse, Pink, Purple, White

"This pattern has been a mainstay in my box for over 15 years. Originally tied on a Tiemco 811S hook,” BIG RODNEY” has been a go-to fly for snook, tarpon, pike, and bass. For the past few years, this designer has been concentrating his creative efforts on “crossover patterns”; flies that are equally versatile in both fresh and saltwater. “BIG RODNEY” is such a pattern and has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in both venues. This past year, I altered the pattern by incorporating Flymen’s articulated big game shank and switched over to a Tiemco 600SP hook. Both of these components have resulted in a virtually indestructible fly which can withstand the rigors and abuse of the toughest of game fish. Also, my color options have been broadened so as to provide angler options for pelagics as well as peacock bass.

This fly should always be attached to the leader using a no slip loop knot to insure that the fly “ducks and darts” to its maximum capability. I personally would recommend a no-slip loop knot, which is virtually a 100% knot that is very easy to tie. There is no set way to fish this pattern; instead, the angler is left to his or her own devices to “read” the fish and adapt accordingly. In any case, the construction dynamics of this pattern ensure that whatever retrieve tempo is employed, quick, slow, erratic or in-line, bite triggering action is a virtual certainty."

- Signature Tyer Lex Hochner 

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