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Ants Beetles Hoppers,
Black, Cinnamon, Gold, Olive, Purple
08, 10, 12, 14

"The Big Fat version of the Angie came about because I find Chubbies to just be plain boring.

Plus sizing Angie and adding a double wing makes this pattern a perfect, more realistic, and classy, replacement for all sorts of the foam balloon animals found in fly bins lately.

Double span flex legs add movement and realism and the macramé yarn wings creates a huge amount of surface area, making this fly far more buoyant than anything else I’ve fished.

The chunky foam head allows the fly to skate or twitch rather than pull under when mended and the curved hook design sets the body low in the water, sticking it to the surface film so it doesn’t get blasted out when a big cutthroat can’t stand it anymore.

The Mallow is dead, all hail Big Fat Angie!"

- Signature Tyer Charlie Craven

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