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"My search for a viable Green Drake pattern took years to develop. Catching the hatch each year to test my latest creations became an obsession.

My observation of the naturals as they emerged played a key role in the construction of my Bi-Wing Green Drake. I found mimicking the dun as it struggles to break the surface film produced the most takes. I designed this fly so the material used to represent the nymphal shuck rides below the surface

The foam thorax holds the body of the fly in the film, while the synthetic wing appears to be unfolding, not fully formed. The second wing of elk hair is for me. It keeps the fly afloat and I can see it.

The Bi-Wing drake has performed perfectly everywhere I have caught the hatch. The real reward came last year on the Henry’s Fork and South Fork of the Snake. I was not disappointed."

- Signature Tyer Marty Howard

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