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Olive, Purple
16, 18

"With this fly I was really looking to get a lot of weight paired with a little more of an aggressive profile (taper) to the fly.

I went with a natural color approach initially and then added the colored resin. I also wanted to get some movement in the fly with the legs (or the beard) with the ostrich herl.

I twist the herl and wire together before wrapping the legs, for added durability as well. I initially tied the fly on a standard nymph hook for a small, heavy dropper fly under a foam beetle or hopper pattern. After jig hooks started to become more popular, along with the Euro nymphing scene, I decided to move the pattern to a jig hook.

I have used it under an indicator for nymphing deep runs. It can be used as a point fly in a larger size or a dropper fly in a smaller size on a standard Euro nymphing rig.

I have used this fly in Colorado as well as surrounding states and found it to be very effective during baetis hatches. I have also used it during the winter in the smaller sizes and done quite well with it in that application."

- Signature Tyer Ben Baxter

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