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Black Bead
16, 18

"The Mercury Caddis was invented with the rest of the Mercury series. It has been one hell of a "guide fly" in Brachycentrus ridden waters. It meets all the criteria for a good fly: it's easy to tie, it's durable, and it consistently fools fish. I have featured this fly in Fly Fisherman and all three of my books. This tungsten version is a new variation, designed with a quicker sink rate in mind. I simply swapped the black dubbing (head) for a black tungsten bead. Because trout are always feeding on caddis larvae opportunistically, this pattern fishes well year round. It is especially effective during low light periods when behavioral drift occurs. Stomach samples prove how many cased caddis trout eat. I fish this fly with a conventional two fly nymphing rig. I use the Mercury Caddis as my attractor. My dropper changes with the season. Most of the time, I drop a small mayfly or midge off the Mercury Caddis to match the prevailing conditions. For instance, if blue wing olives are hatching, I'll drop a Mercury Pheasant Tail off the Tungsten Mercury Caddis. This pattern has fooled fish all over the west, from the Henry's Fork to the Arkansas, and everywhere in between. I think this fly will be a nice addition to your fly box." - Signature Tyer Pat Dorsey 

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