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"Ask any fly fisher what a Stonefly looks like, and they’ll be conjuring up images of large, clumsy insects like Salmonflies, or Golden Stones. But Yellow Sallies are different.
They’re significantly smaller than their larger cousins, and a bit more dainty.  
Enter the Improved Corn-Fed Yellow Sally. 
The pattern sports a more delicate, softer footprint and silhouette than most Sally imitations by eliminating stiff, bulky fibers like elk or deer hair, and instead utilizing the buoyant magic of cdc. 
Sallies often have an orange egg sac at the end of their abdomen, and commonly have hints of orange in the abdominal segments too. With a subtle thread rib we have a fly that hints at imitating the orange segments and sac, while maintaining the overall pale yellow coloration of the pattern. 
One last design trait is evident as you set the hook on a fish.
Though elk and deer hair are often used due to their natural coloration and flotation, their stiffness can sometimes hamper the ability of a Trout to get the fly into their mouth.
Conversely, CDC, is a soft, feathery material that is still very buoyant, but is much softer, and easier to collapse than elk or deer hair. CDC is more like the fragile wing of a natural insect.
This makes it easier for a trout to take the fly well, which leads to more hooked fish, and less “swing-and-a-miss” moments."
- Signature Tyer Lance Egan

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