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"A very close friend of ours, Scotty Hepple from Memphis, Tennessee, came in one day and said, "Gosh dang I saw these big brown trout over on the Ruby River and they were taking skittering and emerging midges that were still caught in their pupal shuck." Scotty was the first person to use the fly, he was our guinea pig.

​In the winter and spring time the pupal shuck on a lot of these flies will be the color of coachman red zelon. We see fish go out of their way to go after a fly with a red shuck in the winter and early part of the season. The wing is tied a la Bob Quigley cripple style and actually causes the fly to move on its own in the current and wind, imitating a skittering midge.

​I guarantee this fly will catch most rising fish you see selectively taking midges."

​- Signature Tyer Craig Mathews

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