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BWO-Baetis, Drake, Stonefly,
16, 18, 20

I began tying these Star Wars themed patterns about 15 years ago. In Northern NM there are many beatis hatches that occur in just about all of our rivers and streams. I started seeing results immediately and they have been in my arsenal ever since. I love the fact that they are very unique looking and that the fish were always seeing something new. One day Josh Graffam from Umpqua came into the shop and he noticed the flies that I had hand tied in my fly bin. He suggested that I should submit them to Umpqua and that they were very buggy looking. I had never thought of doing so beforehand, so off they went to Dave Student! I was so excited and happy when they got picked up, never had I ever dreamed of them becoming available to the public.

I tie these flies on a 200r hook because I love the way the profile is with them. Also by using the micro tubing the body becomes segmented and has a translucent look and vibe to it. 


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