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Flats, Flats,
Brown, Tan, White

"LEXO’S “POP-UP-SHRIMP” was designed as a companion pattern to compliment another UFM pattern, LEXO’S “POP-UP- CRAB”. This fly exhibits the same predator-enticing hydrodynamic characteristic as it’s already successful namesake; the fly “stands up” in a vertical position when cast via the use of the UFM U-506 swimming jig hook and the strategic placement of the lead dumbbell weight. The main target species of this fly are bonefish, permit, redfish and striped bass. 

When observed in the prone position, this fly maintains the same profile as a natural, it rests on the bottom slightly elevated on its walking legs to approximately a 20 degree angle. When stripped, the fly will kip up vertically, the same action as a live shrimp exhibits before it starts to swim or dart either forward or backward. This dynamic will further induce strikes by the targeted predators.

As a side note, if this pattern is selected for production, it is imperative that the UFM field reps be schooled in these pattern traits so that they can present the same visuals to their respective retail clients. Also, a fluorocarbon leader should always be used with this pattern to ensure that the fly fishes along the bottom; (monofilament is too buoyant a material) to allow this fly to “do its’s thing”. 

Another “fishy” characteristic of this pattern is the material incorporation of Arctic Fox as the antennules, and Rabbit Fur as the tail component. These two natural furs are arguably the most “active” hair components available. Even when at rest in between strips, this fly is fishing due to the fact that any water movement whatsoever, either tidal or wind related will cause these materials to wave and undulate, further exciting the predator." 

- Signature Tyer Lex Hochner 

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